Missouri Competes’ mission is to provide a united voice for the business community of Missouri on the clear, economic case for a Missouri where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are treated fairly. Economic competitiveness on LGBTQ issues is not defined only by internal workplace policies, but the brand of Missouri also impacts how competitive we are. Missouri Competes pledges to create an opportunity for business leaders to collaborate on their shared economic interests in a fair and welcoming Missouri for LGBTQ people. 

Missouri Competes is a non-partisan coalition of businesses committed to achieving non-discrimination policies at the state level in order to attract the best talent, increase businesses-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships, and to grow Missouri’s economy. 

To compete, Missouri businesses need our state to be one of the best places to do business, work and live.

What is Missouri Competes?
Missouri Competes is a coalition of businesses and pro-business organizations standing together in recognizing the economic case for equality in the state of Missouri and our communities, and a desire to keep Missouri competitive and economically vibrant.

What is the current challenge for Missouri businesses?
To compete, Missouri businesses need our state to be among the best places to do business, work, and live. There are 22 states where consumers and employees are protected from being denied jobs, housing and services, based upon perceived sexual orientation/gender identity, but Missouri is not one of them. Discriminatory laws can drive away the best talent Missouri needs to fill 21st century jobs. 

Being a part of Missouri Competes encourages the best and brightest talent to call Missouri home.